Point of the GameEdit

The aim of the game is to defeat your opponent using your bending forms.

How to PlayEdit

  1. 1: Study the bending forms from this wiki.
  1. 2: Challenge the opponent.
  1. 3: If they accept, you must use the bending forms you know and battle them.

Additional RulesEdit

  • If you are hit you must act as if you have been hit (ex. if attacked by bloodbending you would have to twitch and be moved according to your opponent's hand signals).
  • To learn moves in a certain skill set beyond the Apprentice level you must do tests. If you pass the certain test, you may go onto the Intermediate level and learn the moves that it has to offer. When you pass the Intermediate level you will move on to advanced.
  • Do tests legit or it is your loss.
  • You may only practice one bending art.
  • Contributing your own moves to the wiki will definitely strengthen you.
  • You can earn badges and honor points by contributing more moves to your class of bending.
  • There is no airbending because airbenders are pacifists.

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